Wednesday, March 19, 2014

creating a market!

Slowly, and magically, the first Creating a Welcome stall is taking shape!
It's a marvel to watch the eclectic mix (and it must be due to the nature of this project) rise to the surface! What is marvelling still, is the instant and enormous interest this project has attracted. A couple of hundred Facebook "likes" in a matter of days, and just popped the 500 "likes" mark this week! I am told this is a small milestone in the facebook universe.

It's been inspiring to watch the increasing, varied and interconnected activism arising in our community to actively participate in helping asylum seekers. People in Australia are realising they cannot wait for politicians to change, and are initiating grassroots solutions. As an example, the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre (ASRC) are raising funds for a Food Justice Truck, an absolutely wonderful project which will provide affordable food for Asylum Seekers, while at the same time supporting local farmers through Spade & Barrow, another inspiring initiative. Grassroots rocks! (literally)

Let's have a look at some of the delicious offerings:

from top left across: nest brooch by Anna;  crocheted owls by Sharon from gentle stitches;
Celia's felted-jumper baby doll; brooches by Atomic of Melbourne; hearts by Anna; paper-cut treasures by Rachel; Needles books by Celia; snuggle pillow by Jodie from Wilderness Fairies; Gianna's home grown lavender hearts; stitched necklace by Anna; Echidna Kid's knitted vest: Anna's brooches

The first market is coming up soon!


artisan market

APRIL 5th,  11am - 4pm 

@ Northcote Social Club 

High Street, Northcote.

x Jo