Wednesday, April 30, 2014

two sleeps

Creating a Welcome's mini market at Chalice Uniting Church is two days away.
Our first market stall at  Northern Regards was an absolute hit!! A whopping $1170.50 was raised!

The feeling we got from all our customers was one of goodwill and encouragement. I had a sense people were immensely pleased to have the opportunity to show support for an organisation really at the coalface of the terrible treatment of asylum seekers in this country. It was so wonderful to witness excited people consulting their friends as to which hand-embroidered protest badge they should choose to wear at the Palm Sunday rally the following week! I know the market on Sunday will feel just as heartening.

We will be pitching ourselves out the front of Chalice except in the case of inclement weather (don't you love that word, 'inclement', sounds so old fashioned), when the cosy church will be ours to shelter in with candles, warmth and handmade generosity.
Thank you Chalice for your generosity in providing the space for our community craftivism. It feels auspicious that The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre opened the doors to the new Home of Hope in Footscray (214-218 Nicholson Street) today!
Chalice also  kindly hosted some workshops, where anyone who wished could come along and learn how to make items to sell at the stall. I took some pics at this morning's cosy affair! Lovely!
Oh, and there'll be live music provided by two charming young local musicians, Charm of Finches at 10.30am! x Jo
See you Saturday 10th May 2014: 10am - 3pm!